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Becoming Carbon Neutral: What It Means For Your Business

Becoming a carbon neutral company has been on of our top priorities since becoming a  B Corporation in August 2019. Our Green and B Corp Committees worked with the incredible team at Carbonzero to bring our dream to life! In September 2021, Barriston achieved Carbon Neutrality under the Carbonzero certification program for scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are so proud of the changes we have made since becoming a B Corp and carbon neutral company. Being sustainable is important to our firm and that’s why we want to share our story to help educate other businesses on how they too can achieve carbon neutrality.

On World Emissions Day in 2021, Jacklyn Tuckey and Nadine Finbow teamed up with the Sandbox Centre and Carbonzero to discuss what it means to be a carbon neutral company as well as the steps on how to get there! Watch the webinar above to learn how Barriston has been working alongside Carbonzero to commit to carbon neutrality and offset greenhouse gas emissions!