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Barriston B Corp Certification Video

On August 2nd 2019 Barriston law became the first law firm in Ontario and third in Canada to become B Corp Certified. We are excited to share a video of our experience through the certification process.


[Music] we were so excited when we got our b corp certification and in fact we became the first law firm in ontario to be be corp certified and the third law firm in canada to do so be corp has helped bring the engagement of our team to a whole different level it is our hope that we can take this energy and transfer it across the businesses in our local community improving the quality of life for everyone it causes us to think how are we impacting our community what are the good things that we’re able to do as a business and affecting our business environment going through the b corp process really was like taking a crash course embarrassed in immediately we realized that we would just be looking at every single aspect of the firm very quickly we realized that barristan already did so much of this already vcorp certification is around making sure that you’re using business not just for the good of your partners or your shareholders but also for the good of your community your employees your clients and your environment one of the key issues for businesses in our community and certainly it’s true for barristan is that we’re always looking at the best practices to attract and retain the best talent and i see bee corp certification as a means of doing that on my first day the first meeting i had was a b corp planning committee meeting it really through the process made me appreciate my time at barristan and just how cool the work the firm is doing in terms of serving our communities getting it down on paper has really helped the firm solidify its values and we’re not only talking the talk we’re now walking the walk as a firm so all in all it’s making us better and it’s causing us to think more strategically about using our business as a force for good