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BARRISTON BRIEFS: I’ve Been Sued! What’s Next?

In the in our new series, Barriston Briefs, Joshua Valler discusses the steps you should take if you have been sued and the most important component to making sure your lawyer has all the information.



So oftentimes when I am meeting with clients one of the first things that they ask is what can I do to help my case? Some of the tips I give them are how to best prepare for the litigation going forward and the most important component to this is making sure that I have all the information the good the bad and the ugly. So that I can give you the best possible advice moving forward. So it’s important that when we meet you come prepared with all your documents and keep a journal of everything that’s happened in the case so far leading to our meeting. So that we can work together to devise a strategy on how to best tackle your problems going forward.