Family Law Mediation

Matrimonial Mediation

Resolv’d by Barriston has qualified and experienced Mediators skilled at finding creative solutions for separating couples, solutions which lead to an agreement that works for both parties. An agreement enables people to move on from the emotional impact of separation. As the mediation client, you get to choose the right mediator for your situation, someone who not only can help with your immediate problems but who can also help you reduce if not eliminate the conflict.

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Mediation Services for Child Access

When family disputes include child access, our focus is putting the child(ren) first. Our mediators are trained to deal with the strong emotions which both parties might feel toward each other because of the dispute. They help both parties focus on the problem and find a mutually acceptable solution which, hopefully, will reduce the tension and the pain which such conflicts can bring.

“Tom was an exceptionally helpful, caring and capable mediator who helped to manage and resolve a dispute in a very delicate and sensitive separation process.”

– Client

Interest-Based Family Law Mediation

Our Mediators offer several forms of mediation that can be tailored to suit the needs of you or your clients. Interest-based mediation is used most often when dealing with Family Law matters. It aims to achieve a win-win solution which makes it more likely that both parties will stick to their agreement.

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Our Team of Experienced Family Law Mediators at Resolv’d

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