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Read the insights and opinions of our legal teams as they address a myriad of topics related to their respective areas of practice. Do you have a question about our areas of practice? Contact us.

Municipal Wastewater Charges
05 Jun, 2018

By: Sarah Hahn and Jacklyn Tuckey

Most municipalities calculate sewage rates based on water consumption. This is likely based on the idea that what goes in must come out, but that is not always the case. Not all of the water taken will enter the sewage system, like when it is used for activities such as watering lawns and gardens. On the other hand, other waste products enter the system in addition to water, which increases the amount processed by the municipality.

Barriston Moving Tips Part 2: Getting Closer to Your Moving Day
20 Mar, 2018

By: George Craig, Partner

As your moving day draws closer, revisit your checklist and ensure that you have completed all of your preliminary organizational tasks. At this point, you should have made arrangements with your insurance, moving, cleaning & utility companies – most of which can be dealt with over the phone or internet in the months/weeks preceding your move. All that remains to be done at this point concerns the physical move to your new home. Set aside some time to complete the following tasks:

Barriston Moving Tips Part 1: Getting Started with Your Move
09 Mar, 2018

By:  George Craig, Partner

The purchase and/or sale of real estate often involves a personal move for the parties involved. The
following tips are the first of a four part series of advice on how to make your move a smooth transition. These suggestions are not intended to be exhaustive, but may provide some helpful information in the event that you are facing a move either now or in the future.

Buying a New House? Undisclosed costs can add up!
07 Mar, 2018

By: David Smith, Partner

New home buyers beware – the price on the front page of your Offer is often not the full purchase price – and the builder/seller has no legal obligation to make full disclosure of extra charges to you.

When Sports Fans Divorce: Who Gets the World Series Tickets?
21 Feb, 2018

By:  Douglas Manning, Partner, Certified Specialist in Family Law

The Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 and have not appeared in a World Series since 1945 (when they lost to the Detroit Tigers).

But now, with the Cubs in the World Series, tickets to the 3 games in Chicago are the hottest commodity available.  I heard the average re-sale ticket price was over $3,000 for a single seat!