Barriston LLP Litigation Blog ‘In the Trenches’ now a Group Effort

 Posted by John Barzo, Associate, April 17th, 2012 

For those of us who are not natural writers, the category in which I belong, it is not the easiest thing to write something interesting on a regular basis (no debates on the “interesting” self categorization please).  But with the merger we now have many more that can contribute to this blog.  Not only will you see contributions from yours truly, but others (see photo above), including Eric Finn, Scott Fairley, Eric Gionet, Jason Botelho, Samantha Hicks and William Brennan.

Collectively we hope to give you tales from “the trenches” which will both inform and at times entertain.  It is our experience that legal issues do not truly take their form unless tested by the reality of every day experience.  You can expect to hear about issues involving land, contract, employment, debt collection and everything else we run across.

We expect to be rolling out the blogs starting May 1.

We hope you enjoy this effort and look forward to hearing from you!

Regards, John Barzo

cross-posted to In the Trenches:  COMING SOON! MORE WRITERS! MORE ARTICLES! MORE FUN!

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